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UPVC Windows

Sliding windows are mechanically quite simple, consisting of side by side windows that slide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks. In some styles, both windows slide, while in other styles, one window is fixed while the other moves side to side. Slider windows are popular in mid-century modern homes styles. Sliders are a good choice when you need to constantly open and close windows.

UPVC Doors

Exclusively designed uPVC doors are the perfect way to add charm and character to your place. French uPVC Doors keep your place wonderfully warm and quiet. Plus, you’ll find that our uPVC doors are virtually maintenance-free, meaning you can enjoy them with little fuss for years to come. A French door manufactured from PROFILE ENGINEERING is a charming addition to any home. The PROFILE ENGINEERING French door offers all the benefits of a classic, modern door including noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency, and are available as open-in or open-out styles with equal or non-equal split panes. The extensive opening allows unrestricted access to your home as well as maximum ventilation and practical entry into your garden or patio. Additional features such as decorative glass and georgian bars, PROFILE ENGINEERING French doors can be tailored to your specific requirements